Friday, November 4, 2016

Bases and Dice

I finally found got around to addressing a basing issue I had for my Tau. I started these guys over 3 years ago, before GW did the great base swap on a bunch of models. A lot of 25mm bases went to 32mm. I know for some people this wasn't a big deal, but being a purist I wanted to make sure all my models were on the right bases. For the most part my Tau were good. But my Stealth Suits fell onto the new base sizes. I dreaded over re-basing because I had already started on them. I ran across these while checking out the guys at Tale of Painters. These things are great. You can find them at Tabletop Adapters. The only issue I had is with the really old 25mm. They require a bit of gap filling. Otherwise these work flawlessly.

Also. I got these made because.......well, I like custom dice for my armies. Enjoy.