Sunday, November 6, 2011


I knew it was coming. I told myself that I wouldn't let it bother me. Of course that only lasted until 11/5 at about 12 noon. Like many of you, I ran down to my local hobby shop and picked up my spanking brand new, pre-ordered copy of codex Necrons. Doh! I tried. To be honest, (and if you haven't figured it out yet) 40K is my favorite game. Necrons are my largest army at present, and after my adventures (misadventures?) at NOVA 2011 a few months ago I was itching for a little update to my old friend Psemtekh and his followers. I posted a few pics of the models I intend to keep. The army is over eight years old but as it turns out they fit right into a current codex group, the Atun Dynasty. That will make painting future models real easy. I'll get some new models pics up soon. Enjoy.

Psemtekh with some upstart Autarch's head.

In the old days, the only suitable bodyguard for a lord, replaced by the awesome Lychguard.

My first attempt at lighting effects.

Rank and file Necron warriors. To make them look a little different I actually put plastic rod rivets in the heads of all 40 of my Necron Warriors. Yeesh!. Yes, I was insane back then. Don't want to have to do that again.

Buggers got a nice upgrade in the codex. I'll be gettin' more!