Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Year, New focus

With the coming of the new year comes a little more focus...kinda. I have a list of things I want to finish this year. So without the distraction of any new armies, I am finding time to complete some old ones. Here's the list and points I want to finish by summer time. Most of these are about half way done but need a little work. I'll see how well I can keep up with this list and update it again this summer.

Ravenwing - 1500 pts. Mostly done. A lot of black left to highlight. Maybe we'll get a new Dark Angels codex to help things along.

Ogres - 2000 pts. Mostly done. A bunch of detail work to do. Right now this is my biggest fantasy army.

FOW Brits - 1000 pts. Vehicles are about done. Can't seem to get going on the infantry. The answer may be to just add more tanks and make it an armor company.

Menoth - (no point cost yet) I bought these a while ago and have just been sitting on them. I really enjoy doing the Jack's. Using an alternate color scheme may be the trick. White is so boring.

What do you guys think? Who should get first consideration? I'm open to suggestions. Wassabi!


  1. Agreed! And painting infantry is easy ; )

  2. Ogres! The Great Maw must be fed (with paint).

  3. And another reason to paint the FOW, it's time you learned to play the game and got into the tournament series. I promise after a few games you will be hooked!

    And of course there is always Napoleonics ;)