Saturday, September 10, 2011

NOVA Open 2011 results and reflections :Part 2

Finally got the time to finish this. So..where was I? Oh yeah, I just got creamed on the first day and was looking for the door. Lol! Truth be told I was really tired that day. Having stayed up until about 3am the morning before, then having to be ready to go at 8am and playing for about 10hrs can do that. Need sleep. Always better in the morning. So day 2 started like this....

Round 5: Blood Angels. Vehicle spam (again). 3 rzbks w/ las/plas. 4 predators: 3 las/autocn and 1 Baal. All asslt sqds: 2 jump, 3 on foot. 2 SanPriest, Chap, and Libra. 1 term sqd. Table quarters game. This battle was close. We fought well considering the opposition. Pretty even on KP's and VP's. Table quarters lost simply because he was faster (and had transports). Good game. I felt more confident with the army than the day before. My opponent went on to a 5-3 record winning his bracket with a 4-0 day. Good job Dave!

Round 6: This round was weird. After scaring away my next opponent (he quit the tourney, lol) it took about 30 mins to find another player. Imperial Guard. Heavy vehicle list. 3 Manticores (YIKES!), 3 Vendets (DBL YIKES!), 3 Vet sds, 1 Mech Inf plt. CC HQ squad w/ Chimera. Kill points game. The 3 manticores scared the crap outta me. I just knew I was dead but my Monolith and scarabs were the heroes of this game. Almost all of the heavy fire was placed on my Monolith. 3 turns of shooting from str 10 and 9 wpns and nada! WOOT!. While the heavy guns scratched the paint on my floating step pyramid, my scarabs proceeded to destroy 2 Vendets and 2 Chimeras with their Disruption fields. The last Chimera had the CC HQ and after immobilizing it, they surrounded and destroyed it with the HQ inside sealing my victory. Woosa!

Round 7: Black Templars. More vehicles. 3 Rzrbks w/twn-lnked las, 3 las Preds, 3 Typh spders. 2 term sqds, 4-6 man crusader squads (that actually fit in the rzrbks!) Emp's chump (champ), and chap. Objectives game. Almost pulled this one out. 3 to 2 on objectives. Damn vehicle spam is crazy!. This must have happened pre-heresy, lol. Pretty close game. Really cool player, rare for a BT player for sure.

Round 8: Grey Knights (finally). I was looking forward to this. I wanted to see how the Necrons would fare VS a recent list. Fortunately, I found the only GK player who reads the stories and didn't bring 5 damn Dreads with str 8 autocans. 2-10 man GK term sqds, 2 Dreads with said autocans, 1 tech marine, 1 librarian. Mordrak and ghost GK!?. No vehicles, Wow!. Table quarters game. This game went kinda quick. Because he had no vehicles he opted to DS the term squads. They didn't come in till turn 4! By then I had dismantled both dreads, killed the Librarian and pinned Mordrak and his ghost in 1 quarter. He came in hoping to free up Mordrak but ended up getting bogged down fighting 30 warriors, tomb spiders and scarabs. On the last turn I used the Monolith to port a squad to another quarter and brought my 1 DS unit on the board in another. Game over.

My list:

2000 Pts - Necrons Roster

HQ: Lord (1#, 200 pts)
1 Lord, 200 pts (Gaze of Flame; Phase Shifter; Phylactery; Resurrection Orb)

Elite: Immortals (7#, 196 pts)
7 Immortals, 196 pts

Troops: Warriors (20#, 360 pts)
20 Warriors, 360 pts

Troops: Warriors (10#, 180 pts)
10 Warriors, 180 pts

Troops: Warriors (10#, 180 pts)
10 Warriors, 180 pts

Fast Attack: Destroyers (5#, 250 pts)
5 Destroyers, 250 pts

Fast Attack: Scarab Swarms (10#, 160 pts)
10 Scarab Swarms, 160 pts (Disruption Field)

Fast Attack: Wraiths (3#, 123 pts)
3 Wraiths, 123 pts

Heavy Support: Monolith (1#, 235 pts)
1 Monolith, 235 pts

Heavy Support: Tomb Spyder (2#, 110 pts)
1 Tomb Spyder, 110 pts (Particle Projector)
1 Tomb Spyder (Particle Projector)

Composition Report:
HQ: 1 (1 - 2)
Elite: 1 (0 - 3)
Troops: 3 (2 - 6)
Fast: 3 (0 - 3)
Heavy: 2 (0 - 3)

Total Roster Cost: 1994

So my adventures at NOVA 2011 came to a close on a high note. My Necrons performed admirably for an old list. With the drawbacks that I mentioned before, I expected much worst. Two phase outs isn't bad. With the new codex we will see a few changes I'm sure. Until then I think I'll give 40k a little rest. I've been meaning to post some of my other interest and now is a good time to do that. Next time FOW and Warhammer.


  1. What do you think you will take with you to Adepticon this year? 40k?

  2. I'm doing the team tourney with the Landis boys and Dwayne. We are supposed to be doing Orks. I haven't planned anything else.